Never Feel Bad About
Your Prayer Life Again!

Prayer is a Privilege and it is Power. It’s a Privilege to be able to speak directly to your Creator, and tremendous Power can be made
available to you by praying. EVERY Christian I know believes this.

Yet so many believers feel SO inadequate about
their prayer lives. They either...

 - Feel like they don’t know HOW to pray

 - Don’t have CONFIDENCE in prayer

 - Or HATE the INCONSISTENCY of their prayer lives

Or ALL of the above!

Prayer School
That’s why I've created Prayer School, an online spiritual training program that teaches you prayer through both Precept AND Example.
So who am I? My name is Michael Dorsey, and I’m an Author, Teacher, Minister & Spiritual Growth Leader. I've been involved in ministry for over 30 years, teaching and coaching for over 25 years. I have written several books, including How To Pray - Making Real Progress Toward Real Power.
I'll show you how to receive RESULTS in your prayer life by
cooperating with your Creator through the Power of Precision Prayer
and Authentic Faith, resulting in Total Spiritual Transformation
and a new lifestyle of Consistent Victory over evil.
I’ve done extensive research and testing of various online training models, and I’ve discovered that any online training MUST have 4 characteristics...
It must be:

Convenient - People are busy! So any spiritual training program has to be available online when I'M ready to watch it.

Consumable - 15-20 minute sessions are best. It can't be one long 2-hour block. No one has the time or attention span to do that much in one sitting. Do you?

Credible – The instructor needs to have his subject down COLD.

Contemporary - It has to be RELEVANT to my daily life in 2017. Otherwise, why should I bother?
Prayer School meets ALL of these requirements. Your monthly
Prayer Training comes to you in PDF format, right to your Inbox!
There are NO memberships, logins or passwords to keep track of!
Prayer School includes...
Prayer School Monthly Training
Devotion, Core Concepts, Detailed Instructions, Examples, and More!
$17 / Month Value
In-Depth Embedded Audio / Video Links
Links to Even More Concentrated Teaching Inside Every Training
$37 / Month Value
Additional Special
Prayer Resources
Prayer-Related Tools and Resources Sent
to You Every Month
$12 / Month Value
TOTAL VALUE: Over $65.00 / Month!
And those numbers are VERY conservative…
I’ve seen similar prayer training courses offered
online for anything from $80 to $200 dollars.
But I want to help YOU and I want to get this training material
into the hands of as many people as possible, so I’m offering
it at an introductory investment which many would call ridiculous.

Prayer School training normally goes for $14.95 per month, but
for a very limited time you can get in now for the discounted investment of ONLY $9.95 per month for life!
You might ask, “Can’t I find teaching on prayer for free on the Internet?”
Yes, you certainly can, but guess what? I googled “prayer training”
and came up with almost 48 million search returns!
Remember: online training should be Convenient,
Consumable, Credible
and Contemporary.

You don’t have time to sift through 48 million search results, and even if you did, how would you know the site you find is trustworthy?

I’m sure some of those prayer training sites are excellent, but
are you really going to dig through 48,000,000 rocks
just to find a handful of golden nuggets?

That’s NOT realistic, especially when you can get relevant,
targeted prayer training
delivered right to your Inbox.
Also, as a Bonus, I’m going to grant you free access to my
exclusive Spirit-Ruled Accountability Group to help motivate and encourage you toward more fulfilling, successful prayer experiences.

There you will find Support and Encouragement among
a group of people who are just like YOU, learning
to practice the simple art of powerful prayer.
So that's...
    -- Prayer School training delivered via PDF to you Every Month
    -- Embedded Links to Expanded In-Depth Audio and Video teaching
    -- Additional Special Prayer Tools and Resources for you
    -- Access to the exclusive Spirit-Ruled Accountability Group
When you take advantage of this offer, the training you will
receive will lead you into a more diligent prayer life
with surprising Results of Answered Prayer.
And just in case you don’t like it, for ANY reason whatsoever, you
have a 180-day money-back guarantee and you can keep ALL of
the prayer training you’ve already received. After that you can
always cancel at any time, no harm, no foul, no problem.
In my opinion, you're crazy if you don't join Prayer School
today and take advantage of this amazing offer, especially for
the discounted investment of just $9.95/month!
Let me ask you something: What are you doing to invest into your spirit?

I mean, What Are You Doing Right Now?

Because this is Netflix money we're talking about here.
This is Happy Meal money.

You might say, "I already go to church," or "I go to Bible study,"
and that's wonderful, but what do those really cost you?

I'm asking you to consider a monetary investment into your spirit.
What are you actually investing into your spirit?
I can go inside your house and see what you're investing into your life.

Do you mean to tell me you would invest more in that lamp in
your living room or those bar stools in your kitchen
than you're willing to invest into your own spirit?

You buy so many things every day, but
what are you investing in you that's for YOU?
What are you putting into your spirit and
how much are you investing in YOU?

This is about what you're willing to invest into YOUR spirit!
Think about how many people never invest in their spirit. It's so sad.

Then imagine how it would feel to be able to connect with God
through prayer in a real and substantive way, and hear good words
from the Lord that will make a positive difference in your life.

THAT'S what this is all about!
I wish there had been something like this available for me
when I was first getting started on learning how to pray!
Once again, you will receive...
    -- Prayer School training delivered via PDF to you Every Month
    -- Embedded Links to Expanded In-Depth Audio and Video teaching
    -- Additional Special Prayer Tools and Resources for you
    -- Access to the exclusive Spirit-Ruled Accountability Group
    -- 180-Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee
    -- PLUS special deals on future programs as a Prayer School member!
This is the Spiritual Breakthrough you've been waiting for. Enroll
in Prayer School today, and Start Your New Adventure in God!
Don’t miss this special opportunity to get closer to your Creator.
Click the button below to INSTANTLY enroll in Prayer School
I'll see you on the inside!
Prayer School
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